My spiritual path began at an early age when I asked my mom, “There must be something more than this, right?”
Her answer was, “No.”  – I knew she was wrong!


Kathy HarrisAfter university I lived in Paris, learning French and being an au pair. I joined the French domestic Peace Corps and worked in the French Pyrenees. I lived in an abandoned farm house with other young people, sleeping in the hay loft where snow swirled in through the open walls. That year on the farm was powerful. I learned Tai Chi, became a vegetarian, fasted one day a week and read “Be Here Now” by Ram Dass.

From the farm I hitchhiked to Saanen, Switzerland to hear J. Krishnamurti speak. Then I hitchhiked to his school in southern England where I taught for seven years. His teaching was to be a light unto one’s self. Our efforts to be free do not free us. Rather it is seeing the false that will set us free.

During that time I spent a year in India. I studied with Desikachar, Krishnamurti’s yoga teacher. For 6 months students from the school in England were with me as we visited different Krishnamurti Schools throughout India. We then trekked in Nepal for 17 days.

Since 1983, I have been associated with The Center for Attitudinal Healing as Director of the Children’s Program, consultant and trainer. I also spent three years in and out of Russia as Program Director of The Russia Project after the fall of the Berlin Wall, helping to set up a non-profit for spiritually-based support groups in Moscow. I also co-led trainings in Latvia, Lithuania and the Ukraine.

Strong influences in my life have been J. Krishnamurti, Vimala Thakar, Vipassana Meditation, The Course in Miracles, Attitudinal Healing, Leonard Jacobson, The Work of Byron Katie, The Sedona Method, Joel Goldsmith, Bill Skiles, Vanessa Stone, Qigong.

I have a private counseling practice in Marin, CA. I lead 2 different Women’s Group in Mill Valley. I facilitated two men’s groups at San Quentin Prison, in CA for 12 years. I also lead Attitudinal Healing trainings and workshops in Marin and abroad.


I am blessed, experiencing a homecoming in my work, whether it is with the men at San Quentin,
the year long women’s group, or private sessions.
– Kathy Harris