Therapy and Counseling

“I work with people with a variety of issues from all over the world on the phone, on zoom, FaceTime or in person in my Mill Valley office. For example, Dr. David Wise of the Stanford Protocol refers many men and women to me for guidance in transforming their catastrophic thinking, a root cause of the pelvic pain.”


Kathy Harris Therapy and CounselingMy therapy process is an intuitive one. I draw on a lifetime of experience and use guided meditation and deep listening. When I work with someone, I am interested in them coming to know their innate goodness and realizing that inside they are whole and complete no matter what else is happening in their lives. The “problems” in their lives are in fact not outside, they are our beliefs and thoughts. This discovery is empowering since it can be difficult or impossible to change our circumstances. Then we discover everything happens for us and not to us. And that the pain or suffering we experience is the gateway to our healing.

It is possible to investigate one’s thoughts – to question the beliefs that cause our suffering. In questioning these thoughts one often returns to peace. A technique I use to support this inquiry is The Work of Byron Katie. It consists of four questions and a turnaround. It is beautiful in its simplicity.

Another process I use to support a return to balance is called The Sedona Method. In working with a stressful or a challenging issue, the client is invited to welcome in the feelings, the story, and the resistance to the story. They are then asked to feel the actual sensations in the body of the difficult feelings and to meet them with presence and awareness. It is revolutionary to realize freedom comes from welcoming in the difficult feelings, experiencing and feeling them rather than repressing or running away from them.

It is a privilege to witness shifts and growth in my clients as they allow their humanity and meet and welcome their difficult feelings and beliefs. It is an honor to watch them discover or remember who they really are – this vast unlimited energy of the universe. Once we learn to access this Presence then it supports us in meeting the challenges of life. I consider it a gift to sit with each participant and to support them in coming Home.