3 Women’s Groups:

*A Tuesday evening group,

*A mom’s group

*A year long Intensive

There are openings in the Mom’s group & in the Tuesday evening group in January 2022

Deepen your spiritual journey in a wonderful community of women by learning and using the following tools:

Kathy Harris Women's Group

  • Attitudinal Healing
  • Communication Skills
  • Ho’oponopono, Hawaiian practice
  • Meditation
  • Prayer
  • Laughter & Sharing
  • The Work of Byron Katie
  • Somatic Sensing

This program, a spiritually focused emotional support group is now in its 20th year. It requires a strong intention and commitment of time, attention, energy and money. It is limited to 12 participants. Each session includes inquiry into the beliefs that cause suffering, guided meditation, time for personal and group sharing, movement, experiential exercises, creative expression, and silence. Women from all spiritual paths are invited. This group supports a deepening of one’s spiritual journey while building an intimate community.

Sessions right now are held on zoom due to Covid. 

Mom’s Group is for mothers with children ranging from infant through high school age.
Mom’s group begins January 12, 2022. We meet 10 to 11:30am, two Wednesdays a month.

Tuesday evening group is for all women & begins January 11, 2022. We meet 6-8pm, two Tuesdays each month.

The cost for the 6 month Wednesday morning mom’s group or the Tuesday evening group is $525.  Click Here for Calendar.

Contact Kathy Harris by text or phone  at 415-215-7522  Email: kathyharris123@gmail.com


“Kathy is so gifted in facilitating and so beautifully connected with Spirit. I’m learning that sharing our ups and downs, particularly our struggles, provides openings to peace and happiness.” -Susan

“Kathy is able to create such a safe, fun and adventurous place for people to explore and share their lives. This group has provided me with so much support and love that I am going to sign up again and again!” – Frances

I consider this group to be a blessing. Kathy is a remarkable facilitator who is able to create an extremely supportive environment in which everyone feels safe to express themselves freely. By the end of each meeting, there is almost always a palpable sense of connection and community. -L. S.

“The two years I have spent in the Women’s group have made a big difference in my life. Much of what I have experienced I attribute to Kathy’s facilitation. She keeps the group on track and going deeper without my even noticing until it’s over – the mark of a great leader.” -Monika

“Kathy’s Women’s Group has been a significant part of my healing. What a gift this group has been.” -T.A., Petaluma

“Kathy & the Women’s Group have profoundly changed my life.  I feel very blessed to have found the group!  –C.A., Lafayette

Year Long Women's Group